InnoSpace provides tailored support for developing Electro-Optical Instrumentation. The specialists at InnoSpace have senior experience in designing, building and testing electro- optical (Space) instrumentation for the international market.

An experienced and motivated team of experts is the primary asset of InnoSpace. InnoSpace is a reliable partner in realizing your challenging projects.

A number of standard training products are developed by the InnoSpace team, to co-develop Space Instrumentation in the most cost-effective manner. For information about these products please contact us.


Vision:  to enable our customers to create valuable Space assets.


Mission: to design and develop cutting edge Electro-Optical (Space) instrumentation tailored towards cost-effective production and excellent performance.


Core values: motivated and committed to deliver best quality, professional, transparent, accessible.

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Rotterdam Science Tower
ECE Campus
Marconistraat 16
3029 AK, Rotterdam